P2 P-Line Imperial Eagle Eagle McMahon 2019

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First Empires are built, and then Empires conquer. The Imperial Eagle is back after devastating the competition and has returned stronger than ever. The Imperial Eagle 3 is the newest signature release for Eagle McMahon, featuring a massive three headed eagle on the front of the disc. This Taloned Terror is ready for war on the course, and designed to crush opposition. The 2019 edition of the Imperial Eagle includes brand new artwork.

The P2 is the putter of choice for many pros, and this time Discmania has changed the game again by running them in Swirly P-line plastic. The plastic feels natural in the hand and looks like a putter made for royalty.

While we call this edition Swirly P-line, we want to underline that the swirls are not very strong on these discs. The colors range from green, blue and grey to some purple.

Join Eagle McMahon and make the Imperial Eagle 3 the crowned jewel of your bag, guaranteed to draw envy from your peers and fear from your opponents.



P2 has a deeper rim than the P1 and that provides it greater high speed stability but does not make it more overstable at low speeds. This disc can take higher arm speed and stronger winds and not turn over.